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"Learning about respectful parenting through Carly & Tesia’s respectful parenting class has given me a new lease on life. Not just with my parenting, but in all of my relationships—including the one I have with myself. These classes helped me see how much shame and judgement are typically placed on certain emotions & behaviours, which only bring us further away from what we all want as parents: to have authentic, respectful connections with our children. It is now my most sincere wish for my child that she goes through life honouring the full range of her own feelings, and knowing that has no bearing on just how perfectly worthy she is of love, acceptance and respect. In order for this wish to become a reality, however, I know that children must first and foremost see it modelled to them by the adults in their life. The respectful parenting class has empowered me to begin this journey with confidence, knowing that I am up for the challenge of walking bravely in my own authenticity. I have already noticed a profound difference in my relationship with my toddler, and I look forward to a lifetime of nurturing our connection."

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-The Tino Family

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