Rock & Climb

Rock & Climb

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Our tip-proof, durable boat rocker is built to encourage balance and gross motor development. On one side it's a rocking boat, then flip it over and it becomes a set of stairs!


We have collaborated with small local businesses to enrich our Canadian economy. We’ve chosen companies with values who match ours. This means that orders are limited and these creative people need time, as all of them have little ones of their own!



Robins Nest

  • Disclaimer

    Recommended Use:

    This wooden structure is designed to provide opportunities for developing gross motor skills, teamwork, exercise, and fun for up to 4 children at a time. It is suitable for children of all ages, beginning in infancy, however, we do not recommend using the boat until children are at least two years old or experienced walkers. Children should be able to rock the boat, as well as get in and out on their own, with close adult supervision. When turned over, it becomes a set of stairs for little ones to build their confidence and independence by practicing crawling or walking. 



    Adult supervision is required at all times. This structure is intended for indoor use only and should, preferably, be placed on a soft surface. It is also important that an adult is close by to support younger ones and prevent toes from getting caught underneath. 



    The structure is made of pine and finished with a hard wax that can be wiped with a damp cloth. All edges are rounded for safety. Periodically check for cracks, breaks, or any loose and missing parts. Remove the structure immediately as soon as any condition develops that may make it unsafe.