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Play objects for your little one

We carefully choose play objects for our space with intention. Passive toys where the child has to create purpose encourage open ended play. These play objects were chosen to encourage independence, curiosity, development, sensory input and  balance.

We may receive a small profit through affiliate links, however we only recommend items we love


(6 months+) Wooden Rock+Climb:

Why we love it: 

Janet Lansbury has it on her must have list

"This Step climber, that turns into a rocking boat later on, is perfect for a young infant, who will use this piece until age 4 at least."

Once your child turns 2, it's safe to turn upside down and can be used as a boat in tandem with others. 

It encourages children to exert maximum effort, and is a safe way to allow your child to learn to climb and walk up stairs.

Of course we're biased because Janet Lansbury loves it, and we make them here at Robins Nest!

(18 months+) The playskool sit and spin

Why we love it:

It builds core strength, and encourages the growth of your childs' vestibular system. This sense allows us to maintain our balance and to experience gravitational security: confidence that we can maintain a position without falling.  The vestibular system allows us to move smoothly and efficiently. It also works right alongside all of our other sensory systems, helping us use our eyes effectively and process sounds in our environment. Overall, vestibular processing helps us feel confident moving and interacting with our surroundings.


(18 months+) Wooden Screwdriver Toy:

Why we love it: 

Any toy that mimic's the real world, in a child size way earns bonus points for us. Fine growth motor skills are encouraged with this simple and small set.

(12 months+) Melissa and Doug Busy Board

Why we love it:

This is the perfect road trip toy, it's like a book and a busy board all in one. We love the true to reality metal hinges and locks.

811y1xIzVFL._AC_SL1500_ (1).jpg

(10 months+) Melissa and Doug Town Vehicles

Why we love it:

We'll admit, we're suckers for simply designed wooden toys. We love these because our children recognize the vehicles from the real world, and can encourage pretend play (goes great with the way to play road).

(18 months+) Kinetic Sand

Why we love it:

Sensory play is an incredible way to support independent play, emotional regulation and creativity. The mess is much more bearable than sensory rice (and we sort of love playing in it too).


(12 months+) Wooden Tea Set

Why we love it:

As your child grows they process emotions, events and real life through play! This set is sturdy and simple, and perfect for toddlers. If you prefer a simpler aesthetic this is great for you!

(all ages)Wobble Board

Why we love it:

The opportunities are endless with this board. For your infant, it can be used to climb up on. It can be a tunnel for toy cars, a slide off the couch, or the perfect way to build balance and core muscles.


Wavy circle balance beam

Why we love it:

This would make a great addition to your outdoor space as it's plastic and can come apart easily. Any way for our children to build balance, focus and patience is a win for us.

(12 months+) Way To Play Roads

Why we love it:

These roads are cleanable, bendable and safe for all ages. They have longevity as they'll grow with your child from a puzzle to an imaginary world.


(3 Months+) Simple Stacker

Why we love it:

This classic toy is the perfect beginning to your child's play. Also... the colours... we love! It encourages fine motor skills as your child attempts and learns to place each ring on the holder. The textured sides add a sensory element to this beautiful toy.


Stepping Stones

(infancy and on) Why we love it:

For your infant, these are the perfect sensory items to place around their space, bright and colourful and textured. As they grow, crawl and walk these encourage balance and vestibular input.


Rubber Stacking Blocks(infancy and on) 

Why we love it:

An aesthetically pleasing spin on the classic toy. Rubber is fantastic for infants as they have hundreds of nerve endings in their tongue, and this is safe to mouth. The beginning's of building, patience and fine motor skills come into play big time here!

O-Balls(infancy and on) 

Why we love it:

The least expensive, most perfect infant toy. This one has a place in our heart because when we first learned about the RIE philosophy, our children were so intent on reaching/grasping this little ball.


Scarves(infancy and on) 

Why we love it:

Another must-have first infant play object. Prop up a scarf to add height to your child's play space, or simply lay it next to your infant and see if they can grasp (no expectations of course)! As they grow older, these are a great addition to their dress up collection, or an imaginative option for pretending to clean up their space! Truly their imagination is limitless when we allow them to JUST PLAY.

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